Sunday, October 16, 2005



Is lust really all that deadly? Surely it is harmless? Its only a bad thing, when the minority carry out spontaneous actions, based on their lust... And by this I'm mainly talking about paedophilia. But only the very sick and demented are like this. Before I had a girlfriend,I consistently felt what I thought was lust, I really wanted someone, so badly, that I would do anything to be with them... EVERYONE experiences this? Surely therefore, it is not a deadly sin but merely a natural reaction for the body to go through when searching for a potential partner.


The wasting of food, or over-indulgence. I have to agree with this one. People shouldn't over-indulge themselves, we all know obesity is on the rise, and we all know the reasons why... It's not neccesarily the fault of the consumer, more likely the fault of the companies who are selling the food, although i'm not really sure who's fault it is. Is it too cliched to blame McDonalds? Everybody else seems to be doing so, and its a logical explanation... Fast Food, is on the rise, so is Obesity. In the early 20th century obesity was almost unheard was Fast Food. See my point? Oh yeah, my point.
Well basically, my point is, be careful what you eat. Theres someone out there who needs it much more than you do.


The excessive love of money or power. See: Rupert Murdoch. Now greed is something which can really fuck with you head, your brain becomes so overwhelmed with the desire to obtain more money, that all natural feelings are numbed, and you become dull and lifeless. And the only people who would want to marry you, are those who are hoping you will die soon... tragic I know, but its the price you pay for everything.


The excessive belief in ones own abilities. To what point does it become excessive. "yes I think i'm great, but theres someone out there thats better than me. What if you are the number one Tennis player in the world. There is nobody better. Should you not feel pride? Should you be depressed that nobody else is allowed the chance to be number one because you are so frickin good...? I think not. Pride is good.


This is getting stupid. Picture this; you're homeless, you smell of piss and you're drunk. You have no money and no hope in life. You haven't had sex for 23 years. A man walks past in a Versace suit two chicks at each side, jumps into his Ferrari, one of the chicks immediately goes to work on his... you know what... while he speeds off to his bachelor pad. What does this homeless guy think? "Good for him"? No fucking way. He thinks "Lucky cunt, i wish someone would suck my dick...". Ladies and Gentleman, we have Envy. Not a bad thing, in my eyes.


Ok, this one I agree with also. But saying that we all have that 'cant be arsed' attitude hidden away somewhere. At the end of the day, we are all different...


Anger is a perfectly normal (natural) human emotion, why should we forsake and dismiss this emotion as a sin. You cannot help when you feel angry.
Taking out your anger in the privacy of your own home is not a bad thing, taking it out on other people might be. But who's to say they didn't deserve it.

I don't know where these 'sins' originated, but one thing I do know. They sure need updating.


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