Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm a dog, and I think i'm doing well...

Can't you see i'm easily bothered by persistence? The time is 06:25 on the morning of Tuesday March 29th. My personal task of staying up all night, for no apparent reason seems to have been completed succesfully and it wasn't that difficult to be honest. Where the time went...i don't know, but i managed to get this far, so i'm pretty proud of myself. My bottle of vodka is looking kind of sorry though, oh well another trip down the local off-license tonight. Thats if i can get there without being mugged. Or abused. I got called a goth today, i mean fair enough if i was wearing anything that remotely resembled a goth buta wasn't. Brown jeans? A Judas Priest t-shirt? A grey hoody and a pair of Converse? not quite goth material really. just because i don't wear stripy Fred Perry Jumbers, white adidas trackies, some reebok classics and because i don't listen to scooter, doesn't make me a goth. Mosher wouldn't have bothered me...i've kind of become immune to that type of "jeer". but goth, thats a new one. Another thing, why do these fucking primates always wantto fight? is it a case of brawn over brains, i just don't get it. its not as if they ever have a reason to fight you either...i mean i'm clearly not gonna fuck their "sharon" or their mams. again. so why is there the need to want to start a fight with me? i know the chav abuse has been done to death but my god they piss me off so much. fucking sheep. bad music pisses me off too...especially this new wave of 80s revival bands. come on guys, its nothing new, try something a bit more original, or if you're gonna emulate something, emulate a genre where the bands are a bit thin on the ground. There is a distinct lack of ISIS/Pelican type bands around at the moment, you should all jump on to that bandwagon, fuck Depeche Mode...bow down to the genius that is Aaron Turner. you know its all the NME's fault, but i really don't wanna even start to go into that one. we're all going for a ride, on one big bus. of course we can get off when we wish, sometimes when we don't wish. in fact often when we don't wish, but thats not my point. my point is, is this bus actually going anywhere. the engine is running fine...but is there anybody behind the driving seat. George Bush might like to think he is...but hes not, he is not causing the world to move on. we could say that this bus is driven by democracy, but it doesn't really exist...sure we get to choose our parliament,but theyre all the same really, nothings going to change unless we go for the radical extremists,but they aren't ever going to get into power so wheres the democracry? Society is driving the bus,unfortunately, its a bit ill at the moment, and he seems to be going around and around a really big roundabout. hence my point, we aren't going anywhere. this could be prevented though, we could bring in some new laws. all poverty stricken families should be limited to two children, and all the girls in the families should be castrated until they hit the age of 24, this is to prevent them from popping out sprogs every year since their 15th birthday. every woman of higher intellect should be made to have at least two children, as to ensure that the more intelligent among us are not dying breed. but until these laws are enforced we will contintue to go back upon ourselves as our Primate ancestors become our cousins and the like. its a worrying time ahead, thank fuck we won't be around to see it... “I’ve set my watch an hour slow, so I can see you longer a great line, from a great band that in their short existence were criminally overlooked, of course it has nothing to do with the fact that they were from Teesside, we have an abundance of fantastic and succesful musical talents from up here. We have Chris Rea and Alistair Griffin and David Coverdale and err one of the dudes from Iron Maiden and err, hmm, ok i'm stuck now. i think thats my point actually...there are so many decent bands up here yet very few of them even get anywhere. Exitbyname, Burnout in The Capital, Stories and Comets, My Favourite Co-Pilot and even The New LevYashin, are currently the bands that have done the most from this area and generation, but who has even heard of them? there is also quite a big indie scene, with bands such as The Hayze, The Cutters and The Rarebreeds starting to make a name for themselves. i just wish there was a lot more coverage in this area. there is a wealth of talent to be discovered...one day it will happen. Teesside is the new seattle, watch this space... not that^ space, theres nothing there. you know what i mean. its now 7:14 and i can hear cars, and birds and its finally light, i've been wrting this blog for over an hour, it just shows you what you do when you're bored. generally we phone callum for a party. i'm surprised he actually lets us go round to be honest, the amount of shit thats happened...the foot through the wall, the melting of chairs, the head through the fireplace, the burining of trees, the porn on his dads computer, the flour, the tomato sauce, the fights, the toothpaste, the whiskey races, the vodka races, the moshing, the loudness, the fires, the snorting of random food stuff, the burning of cactuses, the stealing of, err, everything, and of course the vomit. man thats what you call a party, shame we haven't had one in a while. everyone's too paranoid to invite us over. ROCK N FUCKING ROLL!


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